Faculty Responsibilities

The Senate Executive Committee is primarily charged with executing many faculty responsibilities.  Faculty have direct, primary responsibility over the following areas (Faculty Bylaws section 3):

  1. Curriculum, academic requirements and academic policies.  Responsibility for curricular changes and academic policies is delegated to UCCAP, which consults with the Faculty Senate on major changes.  The Academic Calendar, class meetings times, policies of academic integrity and other specific policies are the purview of the Senate Academic Affairs Committee.
  2. University General Education requirements and University requirements for earned degrees.  This responsibility is shared among several committees including UGEC and the Senate Academic Affairs committee
  3. UCCAP defining document.  Any changes to this document must be approved by the Faculty Senate.
  4. Policies for opening and closing academic programs.  Any changes to these policies must be approved by the Faculty Senate. 
  5. University Admissions standards.  The Faculty Senate maintains a document of Admissions standards and has a representative on the University Admissions Committee.
  6. Tenure and Promotion Policies, Faculty Grievance Policies and Faculty Termination Policies.  Changes to these policies are voted on by the full faculty and will typically first go through the Faculty Senate.

Faculty have shared responsibility for other aspects of university governance.  These include:

  1. The “University’s financial resources, budget and overall financial health (Senate Bylaws 5.3.4).”  The Faculty Senate appoints a Committee of Faculty on Finance and Budget for this task.
  2. University Policies and Procedures (Senate Bylaws 5.3.3).  The Senate Appoints a Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee for this task. 
  3. “Any matter related to the welfare of the Faculty (Senate Bylaws 5.3.1).  The Senate Appoints a Faculty Welfare Committee for this task.
  4. Faculty Committee appointments.  The Committee on Committees and the Senate Executive Committee both make recommendations for faculty committee appointments.
  5. University Athletics, including academic integrity, student athlete welfare, athletics budgets and the role of the athletics program at Stetson University.  The Senate maintains representation on the University Athletics Committee.